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PK Institute is offering you a new Freelancing Course in Rawalpindi by learning which you can earn millions of rupees sitting at home and you don’t even need to bow down to anyone and listen to what anyone has read that now we are bringing you After doing a freelancing course like this you can become a top freelancer and you can earn millions of rupees sitting at home because this is a fair procedure that we are going to tell you.

Learn how to Successfully Freelance Course on Fiverr

Do you want to do your work online so that no one disturbs you and you can earn money sitting at home, then I will tell you the secret today, you can learn freelancing from today and start your career and come fiverr Above where thousands of people are still earning millions of rupees and with the help of this course you can create your own company and all you have to do here is to create an account on Fiverr and there One is to sell your services online by creating a gig is service page related to your job where there is no barrier. You can also learn the scale and give services there and increase your income ten times and On that you connect with the slave who takes the dark job. He does not include any third slave and has a 99.9% chance of success. freelancing courses for online and campus based classes at Pk Institute

Course Content of Freelancing Course

  • Introduction to fiverr.
  • Creating your fiverr seller account.
  • Setup your Fiverr seller profile.
  • Fiverr general overview.
  • How to make fiverr gig image.
  • Creating fiverr basic gig.
  • Creating fiverr advanced gig
  • My Earnings on fiverr.
  • Order Management in fiverr.
  • Buying on Fiverr.
  • Handling Buyer requests.
  • Fiverr analytics.
  • Fiverr custom orders.
  • How to withdraw your earning.
  • How to promote you gig
  • FIverr Gig SEO.
  •  Fiverr Seller Level
  • Fiverr gig Ideas
  • Gig Flipping.

Freelancing Course Fee: 17000/- (1 Skill Free ……………)

5 Days a Week class Daily 2 Hours Class Time Monday to Friday Class time 2 Hours

Freelancing Course in Rawalpindi Call Now: 0311-5559404

After doing this freelancing course you can reach the level where you can become a top level seller and earn millions of rupees monthly so that other people can continue to earn. If you’re ready, we’ll tell you what to do and where to start In this fiverr course we told you a lot of tips and tricks about freelancing that are working and we talked about people who are successful in this field and are working in this job which is a great website. They are But to be a freelancer you must have a skill that will help you succeed otherwise you have no chance of success so I will recommended that before you any Gain your skills in a skill and you can also use Fiverr to succeed. The first step is to move towards freelancing only after you have achieved complete success in your scale. at Freelancing Course in Rawalpindi Pk institute

Learn Freelancing step by step training with skype training for online Do you want to start freelance career? and work from home as a full-time freelancer or manage your part-time freelance career along with your job for extra cash?

Freelancing is a Part Time Work

Freelancing is your own work that you can do both online and offline. Freelancer work is a job that you can do part time or full time. There is no time limit in this job. You can start anytime you want. You just have to have a laptop and internet. You can sit and work wherever you want. In this freelancing course we provide you all kinds of facilities. There is no such thing as payment in this job and you can cash the payment whenever you want. There are about 1000 types of fields in this field. You can choose any field and you can succeed in it. We welcome you to the freelancing course so you can trust us. Because our experts gave you a good opinion.


If you’re a form of one who doesn’t want anyone to order and insult you .who prefers working with freedom then freelancing is the most effective option for you to attain.

What is freelancing?

It is a job as well as a business where an individual provides his skills as a service to people and that they pay him reciprocally

Why do you have to do freelancing?

Here are some advantages of freelancing I’m sure you may be happy and excited to figure as a freelancer after reading this so here we go!

1. you have got the option to choose the things you prefer to figure on
2. you’ll be able to earn more with less effort
3. you’ll be able to do your job at your house laying in  your bed with a hot cup of coffee
4. it’s reasonably business with no investment yet profitable
5. you’ll manage your personal life along with your professional life which is kind of hard with a nine to five job.
skills you’ll provide?

Here are a number of the abilities which are on-demand nowadays

• Copy writing
• Proofreading
• Analyzing
• Computer and it
• HR
• SEO professional
• Web development
• Web designing
• Translating
• Video editing
• Writing
• Data entry
• marketing
• photography etc.

sites/platform there are many sites where you’ll be able to prove yourself to the world by your work a number of them are Fiverr, Upwork, guru, freelancer, etc. think out of the box if you would like to achieve freelancing you’ve got to think big. Thinking big will lead you to do big. You only must stay positive, focused and hardworking nobody goes to figure for you have got to try and do everything by yourself.


freelancing is the best choice for earning money for this generation as they board the digital world and earn more cash with less effort. get we offer this freelancing course for online training Freelancing Course in Rawalpindi

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