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graphic designing course in Rawalpindi

Graphic Designing Course in Rawalpindi I Become a Professional Designer

Balance beauty with function in everyday visual communication and learn how to create designs that stop people in their tracks and change behavior. In this certification of Graphic Designing course in Rawalpindi, students learn to create and execute design concepts efficiently and economically. The course teaches students how to combine technical, creative and conceptual skills to meet the demands of contemporary design briefs and solve a range of visual communication problems. Students use traditional and electronic media to assemble production ready artwork for a wide range of outcomes including print, packaging, digital applications & environmental graphics.

Graphic Designing Course in Rawalpindi (Outline)

  • Introduction of Graphic Design
  • In Page 2020
  • CorelDRAW x7
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Practical Training

5 Days a Week Class – Daily 2 Hours Class Time – Office Timing 09:00 am to 07:00 PM

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Through visual examples, this graphic designing course in Rawalpindi will teach you the fundamental principles and foundational skills that are common in all areas of graphic design practice. We don’t just want you to watch a video of someone talking about design, instead we want you to MAKE Pro designer! If you want to be a designer you have to be a maker and a communicator, so this graphic course will offer you lots of opportunities to get you hands on experience as a practical designer. At the ending of this course you will have a full insight of this field and learned how to handle visual affects through variety of techniques and tools. If you complete the course, along with its optional (but highly recommended) briefs, you will have a core set of graphic designing skills that you can apply to your own customized projects. To succeed in this graphic designing course you will need access to a computer, as it is the most basic tool required.

We have industrial experts, who have hands on experience on designing and they will be responsible to make you pro. As soon as the Graphic designing course in Rawalpindi gets over you will be able to opt this field as a career and a lot more other options will also be available on the basis of this potential and never ending field.

Introduction to Visual Communication

(Initially, you’ll start developing the basic understanding of the visual concepts. To ensure you’re set up for the rest of the program, this course will consider different types of media including magazines and internet-based media. The entire process of learning will go through sequentially.

Design Fundamentals 1: Image, Type & Print: Image, type and print are imperative in creating a visual campaign. You will learn each of them, and the role they play within media and how you can apply these in different print medium.

Design Fundamentals 2: Motion, Narrative & Screen: Motion, narrative and screen will be covered during this course to familiarize you with how they can be applied to screen-based designs. You’ll use your personal understanding and consider how combining images, words, materials, format and structure creates a certain narrative. Visual Theory: Message, Medium, Meaning: Moreover, your understanding will be build of historical and contemporary practice, analyze your own studio work and explore concepts including: relationships between word and image, function and expression, subversion and propaganda, semiotics, how to construct narratives and photographic language. Throughout your second phase of your graphic designing course in Rawalpindi, you’ll develop your own style of working and start to articulate your inner artist voice. (At this stage you will work more independently, build your personal understanding of visual communication and consider a range of important graphic design elements. Cultural & Social Contexts: This module will encourage you to consider your personal ethics, values and motivation by producing work for others. The Editorial Process: Editing is a basic aspect of creation. You’ll build on the skills learned in your first phase, ready to take on your research and design project in the final phase. Developing Your Practice: To be successful as a graphic designer, you’ll need to be able to think innovatively to respond to design problems but also instigate them yourself. Discover how to do so in this module.

Spatial Practices: Learn to manipulate spaces, create multi-sensory experiences, and prepare events/ exhibitions in sustainable environments The final phase of this graphic designing course in Rawalpindi culminates in a self-directed research and design project in which you’ll showcase all your newfound skills and knowledge

Critical Research and Practice: Combining all the knowledge you’ve developed in your studies, you will research, develop and create a self-directed research and design project. Using a symbiotic relationship between theory and practical, you will develop a unique project informed by both elements. At this point you will one step away from becoming a pro designer

Major Project: This is your opportunity to utilize your skills and knowledge and communicate your ideas through your unique artist voice. Initially, you’ll develop a research proposal that conveys your ideas, methods and intended outcome. You will then begin to develop a body of work that reflects everything you’ve learned throughout the program and shows how you have developed your theoretical, practical and technical skills to become a truly innovative designer. You’ll have the opportunity to present your work and collaborate with others.Career opportunities After successfully completing the graphic designing course in Rawalpindi you will be open lot of fields.

A lot of career opportunities exist within advertising agencies and the graphic design and finished art studios that service them. Opportunities may also be found in a number of other areas of the same industry i-e publishing (newspaper and magazines), large corporations, retail advertising, film and television production houses, government departments & educational institutions.

Aims and objectives The course aims to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to qualify to work as graphic designers across a wide range of graphic design industry occupations.

Entry requirements To enter this qualification, it is imperative for the individuals to provide proof of their soft skills and ability to a professional graphic designer. Some of the basic requirements we have are listed below: Basic knowledge of computer is a must. Must be passionate about learning. Graphics Designing Course in Rawalpindi and Islamabad Pk institute


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