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The goal of the IELTS Course in Rawalpindi is to make you understand the techniques needed to attain the best result during the IELTS English language test. This course helps you learn in a systematic and precise manner and will give you a better understanding of texts, contexts, general meaning and vocabulary.

Skills and Strategies

Simple understanding of the basics of a language is not enough to make sure a successful numbers in the IELTS test. With this IELTS course in Rawalpindi you will learn some of the top techniques to complete the four stages of tests with the maximum effort. This course is designed to target precise skills, and there is extensive training on each of the four key areas that are evaluated during the exam. The course will enable you to analyze dialogues, texts, practice your way of speaking and how do you pronounce. Moreover, IELTS course in Rawalpindi will also help you develop all aspects of the language that are imperative to succeed in the IELTS test. You will be guided and taught by highly qualified, motivated and supportive teachers. You will have an allocated teacher who will be responsible for your effective learning. You can discuss your goals and ambitions with him and all of your queries will be addressed on priority.

Academic IELTS or General IELTS?

The IELTS is based on 4 modules. Each one related to the English language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Both IELTS General English and IELTS Academic English share the same speaking and listening tests, but the Reading and writing sections for the General and Academic both English exams are different. Through multiple lessons, we’ll focus on all the key skills tested in the exam but also on those precise areas necessary for IELTS. You will have the dire opportunity to practice with a variety of activities to improve your performance.


It lasts approx 11-14 minutes and includes an individual interview with the IELTS examiner. It will include:

Part one: You’ll have to talk about yourself and your life in general.

Part two: A topic will be given to you by the examiner and prep time two minutes will also be given. You’ll need to talk for about 2 minutes on this topic.


After speaking, the listening part is there. It lasts for 40 minutes and it includes 40 questions which can be multiple choice, matching, note completion, etc. It is a common perception that this part is the most difficult to attempt.It is most likely because it is divided into four parts.

Part one: Typically, you’ll be listening to a conversation about an everyday English topic’.

Part two: Probably you will be listening to a monologue about a common English topic.

Part three: This is an academic part of the listening. Normally, this part is a conversation on an academic topic. Like, listening to a conversation between students or student and teacher.

 Part four: Finally, there is a monologue (a recitation of a history event) on an academic topic. The challenging part of this part is that you are expected to listen some specific details in the topic. And the recording will be played only once.


The IELTS writing section is based on 60 minutes and is divided into 2 parts. As discussed earlier the difference in academic & general IELTS lies with in writing and reading section. In our premium IELTS course in Rawalpindi your will learn the following:

Academic Part 1 You have to write approx 150 words in twenty minutes evaluating some data.

Academic Part 2 It takes you 40 minutes to write an essay based on 250 words, about answering the asked question.

Now for the general part, it goes as below.

General Part 1 In this category, you will have to write 150 words in about twenty minutes about a general ‘everyday English based topic’ i-e writing a letter to a friend.

General Part 2 Just like the academic one, in this part you have 40 minutes to write a 250 words essay. The only change is that you are asked a general question. It is also expected that the essay should reflect the real life writing skills.


Following are the details of English reading comprehension test. The difference between general and academic reading is also highlighted in the IELTS course in Rawalpindi. General reading It is comprised of three reading text passages. The first two passages are easier and shorter to read. The last one is longer and more comprehensive. Academic reading Just like the latter it is also based on three texts. The only difference is that the topics are more academic.

When can I take the IELTS?                                          

If you are planing on applying for a university, or a job abroad, or perhaps you would simply like to get a qualification, the IELTS course in Rawalpindi is available all year round, and you can take it at your own convenience.

How can I prepare for the IELTS Test?

Taking an IELTS course in Rawalpindi is one way to ensure that you have prepared for this exam. It is suggested to follow a proper and professional IELTS prep course that is comprised of previous year sample papers and attempt questions that have been developed by professionals of international certifications. This IELTS course in Rawalpindi is specially designed to prepare candidates in a sequentially manner that will allow you to achieve a higher band score. You will also get all the necessary material in sofa and hard copies for the better understanding of the test.

Moreover, the success rate of the IELTS course in Rawalpindi is near to 100%. Students who have opted for this course are in foreign countries and chasing their dreams.

What you will learn?

  • You will learn to evaluate the complete exam process.
  • Practical strategies and activities to help you achieve results.
  • Dealing with common problems in learning.
  • Scoring higher band numbers in all the sections. As the evaluation is based on the score points range from 1-9.


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