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Pk Institute offer a New and Fresh PHP course in Rawalpindi. PHP means that use of coding on my website. this means by database programming language get back end programming at my sql database work with PHP language . PHP build on your First dynamic website.
PHP is a popular language for intermediate to beginners level. PHP is a flexible working with fix common coding errors. PHP is lake a WordPress database website.
web developer could get basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. but new as employers are looking for more value. you have to known more. PHP lets you make a databases like MySQL witch included with PHP course.

PHP & MySQL Course Content:

Module-1 : Introduction to PHP and MySQL

  • Call PHP Pages from HTML
  • Setup MySQL database
  • Connecting PHP Application
  • Learning MySQL Database Management

Module-2 : PHP programming

  • Use the echo
  • constants
  • PHP variables
  • values held in PHP variables
  • functions
  • Use comparison operators
  • if statement
  • Create complex if statements
  • PHP switch statement
  • Work with while loops.
  • Identify
  • Code a for loop
  • Create simple arrays
  • Use a for array
  • multidimensional arrays
  • super global arrays included in PHP
  • Use string functions to manipulate strings

Module-3 : PHP programming (advanced)

  • Write simple functions
  • Write functions
  • Read and write text files to the server
  • Read, write
  • Set, read and delete cookies
  • Create sessions
  • Pass session variables between PHP pages
  • Expire sessions as required
  • Send plain text and HTML emails using PHP
  • Use a database to create a complete CRUD app
  • Store data
  • Retrieve data
  • Modify and delete MySQL database data

Morning | Evening Classes 

Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training

PHP Course in Rawalpindi for more information Call Now: 0311-5559404

In this project-based php course students will learn web development using PHP 7 and Laravel Framework. It includes essentials of web programming in PHP 7, Object Oriented Programming in PHP 7. Muhammad imran is Professional php experienced training at professional at this filed get 1000+ php website creating on client .


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