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safety officer course

Hello Islam, today we will talk about Safety Officer Course. We have a new course of eight. This is Safety Officer Course which is being conducted in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. I will share with you some details in detail before that. The demand for this course is very high in foreign countries as it is related to health and safety there. Apart from this, a lot of work is done on it from the construction health college here, which is why Whenever there is a building, a Health and Safety Officer is added who is your worker and sees that eight are working. Tell them that you have said that they can do you no harm, that there can be no problem from somewhere. Our organization Proper is supporting a training In which you will be told how the helmet is made by Helmet Custom Pine, in addition to which schools to juice it, how it saves itself, whose aunt takes you away in the countries outside the house is very important. So what do all the big companies do that health and safety officers and points and they lose a big building related to such an election now we will talk about how to prepare a report when they have an accident safety officer. What’s the point of voting first for all the workers you have?

Safety Officer Course Outline

  • Safety & Health and Environment
  • Safety, Health and Environment objectives
  • General Safety rules
  • Emergency instructions
  • Action in case of spillage / leakage
  • Fire Protection System
  • Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Hazards of Noise, Stress and Heat & Precautions
  • Employees and employers duties of health & safety
  • Accident investigation and its effectiveness
  • Safe system of work
  • Permit To Work (PTW)
  • Safe use of workplace equipment
  • Manual handling hazards and precautions
  • Fire and evacuation
  • Identify common hazards and risks in the workplace and advise on suitable corrective actions
  • Identify sources of guidance and advice on health and safety,
  • Hazards communication and its importance in the organization
  • First Aid
  • Recommend suitable action to minimize risks,
  • Investigate accidents, prepare reports,
  • Make cost effective proposals to prevent recurrence,
  • Promotion of safety culture

Safety Officer Course Fee: 25000/-

Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi for more information Call Now: 0311-5559404

  1. Management of Health and Safety
  2. OHS Legislations and regulations
  3. Identification, Evaluation & Analysis Techniques for OH&S Hazards & Risks
  4. Hazards & their Controls:

Related to this gives you training on how you can survive in the event of an accident. You have to keep them for yourself, such as if I have a helmet and there are issues on which the total electricity fee mask Besides, there are many other things that I will do in the future. When you march, you can easily avoid any accident. This is related to the fulfillment.

How to deploy 100 meters in a company, what is included in its duties, how to have your own workers, how can they learn? A. I can do all the worship. Shopping malls are bigger than 5 star hotels, so they are involved in TI cricket from the back, but before that, what is being built today is building, so he is taking pictures for the health of his workers. Is talking in terms of the whistle that should be there so that there is no harm to the pay worker.

So the train that we have in it also gives you all the factory training. There are also some back-to-back sessions for practicals and also notices are given in it and in addition to this notice you have some This is how it is related to the safety officer and how you have to apply in the future. All these things are included in the officer’s course. Goes above Rs. But his job is about two percent in Pakistan but if you do a company in dubai or abroad he can earn about two to two and a half lakh per month. Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi at Pk institute

That you can go to any level and give a test, you can go to the level that today you are a safety officer and point two and there you can do a good job in it and a lot of things and its benefits are great. The biggest PDA is that you can easily get a job at your international level, such as the oil and gas work safety of the cushion pad mechanical with you. You can easily take them in. I will tell you more For the last eleven years, Rawalpindi has been training a safety officer in Islamabad, in which a computer TV training is given in which notices are also given to you. Show you how to work there practically



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